In 1952 Rebora Nicola (who was involved in the technical field and design)

and Taverna Franco (who was in charge of administrator) founded the company Reta

Plastic Molding specialized in Technical Items. In the early years a customer

commissioned the company a mold for molding soccer tables' players, but the customer

did not pay. So the company trying to sell the players begins the production of accessories

In the sector (soccer tables) which then become dominant and will lead the company to be a leader

In the world of soccer tables' accessories.

In the 70's, the great passion of Rebora Nicola for the boats (he had done

military service in the marina and was proud of it) did started the accessories sector for

nautical pleasure. Meanwhile, the historic sector of the company (technical articles

in every sector) continued and was strengthened and today Reta company designs on

Cad-Cam 3d, has a mold workshop with 4 CNC machines, has 11 molding machines controlled by CIM

and connected to a central computer from 0 to 1700 g. And works for all the most prestigious

manufacturers in the various sectors. In recent years, the company has added the 3D Printing

and has accepted the challenge for industry 4.0 and the reduction in energy consumption.